Windcave EFTPOS | Shopify POS

Integrate one or multiple Windcave terminals with Shopify POS. This app caters for standard transactions, split payments, cash out, and refunds.

Shifting to Shopify POS and still want to accept EFTPOS?

If you’re a retail merchant in New Zealand or Australia who has recently moved or thinking of moving to Shopify POS, you may have noticed that you can not integrate your EFTPOS terminal from Windcave. This means that either your customers can no longer use EFTPOS cards in your store, which can be a major inconvenience or it will be a manual process moving forward. But don’t worry – we have the solution!

Introducing ‘Windcave EFTPOS Made Simple’, an app that can be installed on your Shopify POS system and provides seamless integration with your Windcave EFTPOS terminal. With this app, you’ll be able to accept EFTPOS cards, provide cash-out functionality, split payments, and process refunds for your customers, just like you did before.

EFTPOS cards are still a very popular form of payment in Australasia, and by offering this option to your customers, you’ll be able to attract more business and provide a better shopping experience. So why wait? Flick us a message to get started or check out the app in more detail below

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