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Product Duplication Made Simple

Are you a merchant with multiple stores? Are you a distributor, wholesaler or supplier with Shopify clients? With this app, copy existing Shopify products with just a few clicks, saving time and eliminating errors, freeing you to expand your business and focus on other important tasks. Try it out now and start duplicating.

Duplicate in seconds

Duplicate as many products as you would like from one Shopify store to another

Bulk Actions

Assign products in bulk to the shipping profile of your choice, activate sales channels and inventory location, add tags and much more 


Control and restrict what features can be copied from products on your store.

Extensive attributes

Copy everything from the title and description, to pinned metafields.

Video Tutorials

Source Store

Allow other stores to copy your products in a few easy steps. You can revoke access at anytime, and restrict the product attributes that can be copied. And as a source store, the app is completely FREE!


Source stores


Free to install
  • Install for free
  • Allow other stores to copy your products.
  • Restrict product attributes
  • Unlimited destination store connections
Destination Stores

from $10

Pay as you go
  • $10 for 100 tokens ($0.10 per product)
  • $20 for 500 tokens ($0.04 per product)
  • $30 for 1000 tokens ($0.03 per product)
  • $100 for 5000 tokens ($0.02 per product)

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers are constantly being updated to make sure they provide the most up-to-date information

A token is deducted automatically when a product is duplicated. However, if a product has variants, then a token is deducted for each variant.

In the bulk actions section during duplication, you are able to select your desired shipping profile. This will be applied to all products in the current job. So if you wish to for instance place half of the products in one profiles and the other half in another, this must be completed in two jobs.

Pinned Metafields can be copied over. If the pinned metafield is not created on the Destination Store, then it will be created. If the pinned metafield already exists, then the value of the field will be updated.

Jobs will be picked up by our servers for processing usually within seconds. If the job still says ‘QUEUED’ try refreshing the page. If it still says ‘QUEUED’ after approximately 10 minutes, send us a message and we will be happy to look into it.

Unlimited. We have found that Shopify may impose a limit on the number of products per day (in the 000’s). If this occurs, our app creates as many products as possible within the limit, then separates the remaining uncopied product into a separate job that will process automatically when the limit refreshes.

No. The app does not affect the online store at all.

Bulk actions are applied to all products selected within the current job. For instance, selected sales channels, shipping profiles, inventory locations are all examples of bulk actions.

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