5 Benefits of Moving to Shopify POS in New Zealand

Shopify is taking the world by storm, allowing small businesses to compete with large market places such as Amazon.com. But even though your online presence is most likely on the Shopify platform, is it actually worth moving to their point of sale (POS) system? Does their system cater to all of the complex needs of small business. In this article we aim to clarify this points and help you with your decision on whether to transition or not. Without further ado, here are the 5 best aspects (in our opinion) of the Shopify POS system:

  1. Portability

No longer are you tied done to the counter. No longer will you need to bring customers to the counter to close the sale. Shopify POS is based on portability, leveraging the power of tablets and phones. Sales can be completed from an app on your phone.

A portable POS system

2. 3rd Party Apps

Shopify’s power is largely due to the strong eco-system of 3rd party developers. If there is functionality that you desperately need that is not native to the Shopify POS system, there is a strong likelihood of finding an app that will do the trick. This is one key aspect that brings Shopify up above its POS competition.

3. Online and In-store Syncing

If your online and in-store systems are not syncing together this can be a major headache. Often worker are wasting time duplicating price and stock changes on the two systems. No longer will this be the case, as the Shopify POS is built as a sales channel on the Shopify admin. This means everything is organised in one place, and the major benefit it, you probably already are used to this admin.

4. Usability

Traditional POS system are overload with functionality as they used a one size fits all model. If any store needed specific features, then all stores received those feature. This led to a POS systems that are stupidly complex. Shopify has built a POS with the ability to add in functionality as required. This makes the entire interface feel intuitive, saving you time from searching for basic settings.

5. Hardware

Shopify POS has just launch its own payment gateway for stores in New Zealand and Australia. The card reader is called the ‘WisePad 3 Reader’ and accepts any card with tap or chip functionality. Further you get to take advantage of Shopify’s negotiated credit fees, saving further money from the transition.

Hopefully that gives you some idea of the benefits of Shopify POS. If you have any questions or comments feel free to get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you.